Tempohousing container homes


We love building projects with prefabricated homes and hotel rooms. No chaos on the construction, working in too hot weather or in pouring rain or heavy storm: the complete home is put together in a factory. Tempohousing, with building prefab modules!
Major advantages: quality goes up (controlled environment, strict procedures), cost goes down (the whole process is made much simpler). But there are also challenges: transport is one of them.
No matter where you fabricate: in all cases you need a truck to bring the complete home to site. For larger distances a train and a ship is better, but always a truck for some part of the process will be needed. So the size and the weight are limited. Transporting too big objects require special transport with special (very high) cost.
So we build between 2,4 to 3,5 meter wide and between 6 to 14,5 meter long. That fits nice on a truck. And if we use an ISO shipping container of 2,4 (8 ft) and 12 meter (40 ft), we can also use the cheapest mode of transport on the road and on the sea. Shipping containers are simply the most economic mode of transport worldwide. So if frequent relocation is part of your plan or you wish to manufacture in for example China, building with shipping containers is the way to go.
But we have other systems for prefabricated homes too: modular homes and hotel rooms can also be built with other steel frame or sandwich panel systems and even from light weight concrete. With all these different options, we able to say: Tempohousing – always a solution.

Your Project

The end of the day: what you probably look for is the best solution within your budget and planning and other needs: sometimes a shipping container is a good fit, sometimes you are better off with a hybrid solution like a concrete floor and steel frame walls and ceiling with PIR insulation. Your home or hotel design is just a box with walls, floor and a ceiling: let us help you choosing which mix of materials and details suits your needs best.

The company started in 2002 with the introduction of shipping container homes. We have built the largest student village in the world. Initially the project was a temporary solution for only 5 years and it is now in use for more than 10 years and will stay in use until at least 2018. While our early plans were to focus on temporary solutions, all projects have proven to be suitable for permanent use also!

We are famous for all the shipping container projects we have done in many countries, but today we also provide other modular systems from steel and light weight concrete, to serve a wider range of markets and customer. Some modules come ‘plug and play’ to site (“pre-assembled”), other modules are shipped as a DIY package. Every system has its own advantages (and prices) and with our designers and engineers we can select the best solution for your specific project.


While the modules were produced in China with a new factory in 2005, today it makes more sense in some cases to produce in Europe, delivering higher quality for sometimes even better prices.

Our mission is to build green, economical and simple. Not to beat the competition on pricing but with original and smarter and more economical solutions of a higher quality. If we can help creating a cleaner world while keeping the cost down and build faster, we are all better off.

If you want to discuss your project plan with us, we look forward to hear from you!

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